Kevian Kenya Limited disowns expired juices dumped in Kariobangi



Kevian Kenya Limited, the manufacturers of soft drink brand Afia, have disassociated themselves with a consignment of expired juices which have reportedly been dumped at a city dumpsite.

In a statement, the company’s  Managing Director, Kimani Rugendo, said that the dumped juices under the brand name Afya are not their products.

He clarified that their product name is Afia and not Afya.

In addition he says that products found with any fault are usually returned back to the company and not disposed of in that manner.

“Those are not our products at all. We have no connection with them. Those are cheap imports trying to ride on our good name and using a name almost identical to ours. No distributor would dump such a consignment and risk losing money. They would return it us for proper disposal and compensation,” Mr Rugendo explained.

“Our products are of high quality and move fast. It is clear whoever dumped the juices had imported them and had no idea how to dispose them. I call upon all regulatory authorities to be on the lookout for such unscrupulous traders and take action,” he added.

The company’s statement came after pictures of members of the public scavenging on the dumped juices went viral on social media.

Kenyans called out the manufacturers of the soft drink for carelessness in disposing off the product.